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Custom driftwood coffee table site.
All driftwood furniture, driftwood coffee table and driftwood
dining table art is a natural wonder! Welcome to our
gallery.  A driftwood mirror brings seaside nostalgia
into the home. A driftwood lamp conveys seaside fantasy and a
driftwood sculpture is a phenomenon in itself in driftwood
. Visit our driftwood sculpture
Nautical home decor foyer table.
A treasure from the
islands around tropical N.
becomes a nautical
furniture treasure!
Carl's newest design in
driftwood designs mirror art.
A natural beige sunburst mirror
on the beach. You will see the
reflection in the
driftwood mirror of
the ocean sunset from the
Gulf of Mexico.
For wholesale glass tops go to:
Glass Tops Direct in New York.
Driftwood Christmas Tree!
Click on Driftwood Tree above.
Natural white driftwood dining
table shown at right. No stain or
paint. Chemically altered wood.
Retails at 1850.00 for the base.
Ask for trade discount.
Glass top, 60" round.
Send an email to Carol:
For secure ordering,
call Carol Woodland
Carol Woodland     
Call for designer discounts!
Click image above for more information on driftwood gallery wall art and sculptures
Log cabin lamp, perfect for
hospitality interior design project.
A tropical resort design driftwood
lamp project.
Check out our latest
nautical furniture
design and tropical resort
interior design.
Go here for
driftwood side
art made custom in
any size or shape. The most
original nautical furniture
theme in driftwood table art.
Click here to visit our driftwood
fireplace mantel page.
The natural light beige finish is also suited for a contemporary
interior design motif with other warm colors.
An architectural interior design coffee table, 54" x 32" glass top, 1450.00 for the driftwood base.
A Yacht interior design dining table, 60" x  36" . 2100.00 for the base.
Go To Log Cabin interior design !
Hawaiian beach house decor dining table, 1700.00 base alone. 48" glass top
Beautiful driftwood coffee table.
Hawaiian furniture, driftwood cocktail table,  24"x 48" glass top. 1250.00 for the base.
driftwood console table
Driftwood coffee table painted white.
Caribbean furniture style coffee table, 1250.00 for the base.
Beach house furniture and beach cottage decor, custom in any size.
Log Cabin Dining Table!
Natural white driftwood; log cabin dining table. 1950.00
An architectural interior design coffee table, 54" x 32" glass top, 1375.00 for the driftwood base.
Driftwood entry table base. 1175.00.
Glass top, 42" x 16".  Height, 32 inches.
Natural-white driftwood for beach home decor. Driftwood console table.
Artisan, Carl Woodland's driftwood sculptures are displayed           
                    in Perry Hotel, Hotel 1, 2015.
Driftwood sculpture, 6 ft tall,
Grace your home with a driftwood
entry table. A perfect focal point as
you walk in. Custom to your
dimensions and color. Wholesale
glass tops at