Driftwood from Florida,
Texas and California.
Driftwood cedar is sculpted
into beautiful driftwood
Each driftwood lamp is
unique in
character. The size and
shape of
driftwood can be specified
to your

The white-wash driftwood
shown to your right are 40
inches in
height including the shade.
From the base to the top of
the wood
is 25 inches. The oval cedar
beneath the driftwood is 3"
in height.

The driftwood lamps, like
the tables
are each a unique treasure.
No two
pieces are alike.

Driftwood lamps are also
left in the
natural, organic driftwood
A good example of this type
of wood
is shown on the coffee table
at the bottom of the page in
thumbnails that you click on
to enlarge.

A driftwood lamp left totally
can be gray, light brown or
red cedar. Natural beige
driftwood is also
available. Natural beige
driftwood is
totally natural.

Driftwood floor lamps are
made to order in white-wash,
natural or sanded red-cedar.

Driftwood cedar, a treasure
from the
N. American tropical shores
is a rare find. It's a solid,
heavy and
dense wood. Driftwood
cedar is
perfectly suited to create a
sound driftwood lamp.

A driftwood lamp is the
perfect accent
for your deck or cabin.
Driftwood lamps will
enhance almost
any home decor.
Driftwood Lamps don't
include shades.

Price of the driftwood below
the socket:

18" is 450.00,  
22" is 500.00,
25" is 550.00,
28" is 600.00.

Finials are 25.00.

Designer discounts are

To discuss the color, style
and type of finish, call Carol
or Carl Woodland.

For inquires email Carol Woodland.
The driftwood floor lamp above
shade. Retail price, 1350.00.
The color is "natural beige".
Custom order any size driftwood lamp
or driftwood floor lamp. The floor lamp
above is 60" in height to the top of the
wood base. Retail price is 1500.00.
We also offer discounts to the trade!
Driftwood Lamp Base 22" tall. 450.00.
Driftwood lamp base, 18" tall.  350.00
25" driftwood lamp base, 450.00
is a masterpiece in art and nature. The driftwood lamp
is a picture of nautical character depicting seaside fantasy
Ask about discounts to the design and retail trade!
Benji's Driftwood Floor Lamp.
Driftwood Floor Lamp 48" tall.
Hospitality interior design lamp. 750.00