Beautiful driftwood mantel or drift wood mantel custom made.
Driftwood Mantel without
42" long,   975.00
48" long, 1050.00
54" long, 1150.00
60" long, 1200.00
66" long, 1250.00
72" long, 1300.00
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A custom fireplace mantle
brings complacency and
a cozy feeling.
A unique driftwood mantel
is the latest trend in
fireplace mantel design.
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Driftwood designs fireplace mantel
When choosing a driftwood
fireplace mantel, keep in mind
that we can custom make the
styles shown here in any
dimension from top to bottom,
left to right and distance from
which the fireplace mantel will
protrude from the fireplace
wall. Also, any of the styles
shown here can be made in
the various colors: "natural
gray", "natural beige",
"natural white" and "red or
dark brown cedar".
Rustic log cabin driftwood mantel. And contemporary driftwood mantels.
Unique fireplace mantles and fireplace mantle design.
A cedar driftwood mantel or drift wood mantle.
Driftwood fireplace mantel
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