Gathered from the N. American
tropical shores, driftwood is
artistically formed around
the frame of a driftwood mirror.
enhance almost any room
creating a seashore
nostalgia, reminiscent of
beach-side serenity.
The sunburst mirror in this
image has a natural beige finish.
The two-tone effect enriches
the twists and turns in the carefully
chosen driftwood pieces.
The wood grains are enhanced
creating a more water-worn
look. Scroll down and click
on thumbnail of close-up sample
of white-wash driftwood image.
A driftwood mirror is a nautical
treasure to be cherished in
your family for many years.
The outside perimeter of the
driftwood mirror frame is
42" x 30", 1025.00 retail price.
Artisan Carl Woodland,
daughter Brittany Woodland,
and dog Benji help convey  the
attitude of fun and frolic
that a driftwood mirror
brings. This driftwood mirror
frame was made for a client in
Miami, Florida.
Each piece of driftwood was
carefully chosen;
a rare find from the Florida
shores. White sea-salt deposits
on driftwood pieces
are reminiscent of the
salt aroma at the beach
creating a feeling of seaside
Check out oval
driftwood mirror frame
in front of coffee table.
The dimensions of the oval
driftwood mirror frame are 3' x 4'.
We custom make any shape and
size of driftwood mirrors.
Driftwood mirrors come in
white-wash, sanded red-cedar,
natural beige or left natural gray.

Custom order any color of
driftwood frame mirror to match
your driftwood coffee table,
console table or dining table.
Click on thumbnail below to
see a two-tone white-wash
driftwood mirror.

A driftwood mirror is a perfect
blend or art and nature.
For designer discounts call
Carol Woodland:
Send an email to Carol Woodland:
The round driftwood mirror
at sunset is 3 feet in diameter.
tropical designs, this signature
piece will bring serenity and
balance to your home.
Artists Carl and Carol completion
of a masterpiece in driftwood
mirror art in any size, color
and dimension.
Please ask about special
promotions for each design.

The round driftwood mirror at
right is 36" and priced at
1300.00 retail.
The oval driftwood mirror
in the picture at the bottom of the
left natural.
dense wood, perfect for nailing
together a structurally sound
driftwood mirror art form.

mirrors in the white-wash finish.
When ordering white-wash,
please specify whether you like
the natural beige, natural gray
or white.
The large round driftwood mirror
frame is 6 feet in diameter.
The driftwood mirror prices
include the mirror already installed.
The mirror is 1/4" thick and
ships without breakage.
We guarantee against breakage.
We sell driftwood mirrors, tables,
lamps and driftwood sculptures
to the trade.
Ask about our discount trade prices.
The driftwood mirror that Carl is
holding is 18" x 26" x 3" and
priced at 1250.00 retail.
Trade discounts are 20%.
Whimsical round driftwood mirror facing the ocean to reflect Florida shores.
To custom order call Carol:
Ask about designer discounts!
Send an email to Carol:
Artisan, Sonny Woodland
demonstrates large driftwood
frame's versatility in style
and dimension.
The driftwood mirror frame,
artistically built can also be
used as a driftwood picture
frame. Each frame is built
structurally sound with screws.
designs will complement almost any
home decor. The driftwood mirrors reflect
a scenic ocean view.
Ask about our trade discounts!!
Natural beige driftwood mirror, also hangs vertical, 2.5 ft x 4 ft.  1295.00.
Driftwood picture frame custom made in any size and shape.
We sell wholesale to the trade.
42" x 30" driftwood mirror  1025.00
reflecting the bridge is made with
natural gray driftwood; carefully
selected to create a perfect puzzle
of driftwood art.
There's a metal bracket across the
back of the frame to enforce the
structure. The completed driftwood
mirror weighs 120 pounds.

The driftwood mirror retails for

Custom order any color in any size
that's as big as or smaller than
this one that Carl's standing next to.

The colors we offer are:
Natural white, natural gray,
natural light brown, natural beige,
or red cedar.
Send an email to Carol:
We offer a trade discount too!

can usually schedule you in
early based on when
you need the driftwood mirror.
Sunburst mirror, 995.00.
Take advantage of our 20%
off sale!

Carol Woodland