Custom driftwood coffee table site.
We can custom make a driftwood chandelier in
the size and shape of your choice.

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chandelier designs.
Rectangle driftwood chandelier, 28 x 12 x 14. Retails at 1050.00
Sphere shape driftwood chandelier, 26" round, retails at 1400.00.
Disk shape driftwood chandelier, 36  x 30. Retails at 1300.00
Ring shape driftwood chandelier,36" round, Retails at 1250.00.
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Beautiful Driftwood Chandelier Furniture

We are a provider of driftwood chandelier furniture and provide various types of tables, mirrors, sculpture, etc. to our customers. We provide rustic log furniture in which various types of arts are blended. This furniture can be used in dining room. The furniture is durable and has a long life. Driftwood lamp is another thing that we provide. The size and shape of the lamp is adjusted according to the customer. The colors in which the lamps are available are grey, red cedar, or light brown. The lamps are best for all kinds of decorations. We provide driftwood coffee table art and driftwood coffee table furniture. The coffee table is a good décor for any place like office, cabin, or deck. Another good furniture provided by us is the side table, which we can make according to your specifications. We can make side table with glass tops having oval, round, or rectangular shape. The colors in which these are available are white-wash beige or white-wash grey, Console table provided by us can also be ordered for custom size. The price will be based on the dimensions of the table as per the order. We provide readymade as well as custom driftwood chandelier furniture to our customers. You can call or email us and order any type of driftwood furniture you want.