Artisan, Carl Woodland Jr. also known as "Sonny" learned the
art from his Father, Carl Woodland Sr.
as a teen growing up in the Florida Keys.

Carl attributes the development of his skill and artistry
to his best mentor, his Dad.  Some of Carl's most
cherished memories of his Dad were spent working
together in the driftwood shop shown below in two
newspaper photos.

After many years of mentoring from his Dad, Sonny
Woodland perfected the art of cutting, leveling and
designing driftwood art furniture.

Almost 30 years later, Carl with wife Carol and daughter
Brittany proudly continue their family legacy.

Scroll down to see historical newspaper photos of
Sonny Woodland and his Dad, Carl Woodland Sr.
Also, navigate the site to see driftwood photographs
from many years of hard work and dedication.
Brittany, Carl and Carol Woodland at Fells Point in Baltimore in
2007, visiting the Admiral Fell Inn which once was the original
location of their family driftwood business in 1965.
To discuss an order with your own preference in
style and wood finish, send an email to Carol.
A fresh approach to contemporary design, the artist
Carl Woodland is dedicated to the completion of an
authentic masterpiece in driftwood furniture.
For secure ordering call Carol or Carl Woodland.
1-727-410-1877 or 1-727-264-0649 fax
Historical driftwood resort on Overseas Highway  
in the Florida Keys during the 1970's and 1980's.
Arranging some of his driftwood art furniture is Sonny's
"Driftwood Creations" in Marathon, Florida in 1978.
Carl Woodland Jr. nick-named "Sonny" creates a
driftwood lodge water fountain as a teen growing
up in the Florida Keys in the 1970's
The Artist, Carl Woodland Jr.,
wife Carol and daughter Brittany
Page 10H, KEYNOTER, Home Edition, May 15, 1978.
Commercial Project, December 1st, 2009.
Sonny Woodland's latest
endeavor's are commercial
projects and building
wooden fireplace mantels.
A custom unique fireplace
mantle is the perfect work
cabin home.

fireplace mantles:
Visit wood mantels.

Sonny's inspiration to
a rustic fireplace mantle
started with his design in
log cabin furniture.

Go here to see mountain
woods and stone mountain
furniture by Sonny
Call Sonny to order more  Florida
fireplace mantles.