Driftwood Console Tables

Driftwood Ocean foyer table. 32" tall. 1450.00 for the base. Glass top, 48" x 17"

A driftwood console table, foyer table or sofa table is a nautical treasure. This driftwood table, with finish is 48L x 17W x 32H. Priced at 1450.00. Driftwood Table Furniture can be left natural, or have red cedar hues. or dark brown are also available upon request.

We offer natural gray, natural beige, natural white, light brown and red cedar and white. Natural white console table pictured with leaves has no paint or stain. beige or natural gray or red cedar driftwood.

Coffee Tables are 1250.00 to 1550.00.

Pedestal Dining Tables, 2250.00 to 2500.00.

Console Tables bases, 1250.00 to 1550.00.

Prices based on dimensions.

Call us to custom order size,color and glass style.

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Email: CarolWoodland@gmail.com