Driftwood Dining Tables


Artisan's Pride Driftwood Dining Table: Glass top, 84" x 42". The retail cost of the base is 3250.00

The height of the base is standard, 42 inches. We can make this design to support a larger size glass top.

Also available in natural beige, natural gray, and natural light brown.

Exclusively built from cedar driftwood. No other species of wood is dense enough to build quality furniture to last a lifetime.

The small table base that you see here weighs 150 pounds.

Driftwood dining table base will support a 72" round glass top, with plenty of legroom. Driftwood painted white looks fabulous in contemporary decor. There's also a semi-gloss sealant added to the finish. For the driftwood base alone, the retail price is 2800.00.

The driftwood dining table below is meant for a larger glass tabletop. The natural beige driftwood is totally natural. The wood is treated with a sealant. More sealant can be added to create a semi-gloss texture. Natural beige driftwood has an organic nature with a rustic and seaside appeal.

AllDriftwood Furniture's most extraordinary masterpiece is the Pedestal Style Driftwood With a great deal of skill and artistry, Carl Woodland creates a driftwood fine art dining table base without the traditional four legs. base to support a glass top, 60" x 36" is 2400.00 retail.

Driftwood Fine Art Furniture's Pedestal perfectly leveled and securely maintaining the artistic and natural character inherent in each completed work of art.

Beautiful driftwood dining table. Glass top, 54 inches. The driftwood base is 2200.00 retail. To support a 60" round top the base would be 2500.00.

The "faux gold" driftwood dining table with a 60" round glass top can also support a 66" round glass top. Glass top is also available in 3/4" thickness. The price of the base alone is 2950.00 retail. The driftwood base weighs 160 pounds

The white beautiful driftwood dining table below can take a round or square glass top, 54 inches. The cost of the base is 2200.00. For a base to support a glass top, 60", the base is 2500.00.

Driftwood kitchen or dining table with 3/4" thick glass top, 60" round. The retail price of the base is 2500.00.

Each table is custom-made to your specifications. Takes 3 to 4 weeks to build.

Trade discounts are available!

Please contact AllDriftwood Furniture with your custom order.

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