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Carol Woodland 1-727-410-1877
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Experience the wonderment of the ocean
at Christmas time with a trendy and
sophisticated driftwood Christmas tree.

The whoville Christmas tree shown at right will
bring memories from childhood storytelling.
A Dr. Seuss Chrismas tree creates a playful
theme at Christmas time.
Artisan, Carl Woodland's extensive training
in driftwood art creations will ensure a
structurally sound driftwood Christmas tree.
Driftwood Christmas trees
are custom made to your
specifications in design,
Also available in red cedar driftwood, natural gray
Custom made to your dimensions,
height and natural color.

Add more cedar driftwood branches

Cedar driftwood is dense heavy
your family for many years to come.
6 ft tree is 650.00.
7 ft tree is 750.00.
Custom make any size.
Carol Woodland: 727-410-1877