The driftwood wall
art shown here
is meant to be
mounted on a wall
or leaned against
a wall or doorway.

This driftwood wall
art is 3 ft. tall
The finish is
natural beige with
some brown and a
hint of red-cedar.
We custom make
your specifications
in dimensions and
Ask about
Natural beige driftwood sculpture above, driftwood wall art. 1950.00.
The 2 driftwood
sculptures on the
right are between
6 ft and 8 ft tall.
Each driftwood
gallery image has
a unique style
and finish.
The driftwood
sculpture at left is
sand-blasted red-
cedar driftwood.
The only finish
on the wood is
a sealant that
leaves a semi-
gloss texture.
The base is a
solid heavy block
of pinewood.

The natural gray
driftwood sculpture
at right without
the base has been
enhanced with
gray pickling stain
giving it the
character of
purity and grace.
These driftwood
sculptures were
made to enhance
a room with
vaulted ceilings.
The widest width
being only 3 feet
makes decorating
fun and easy
with flexibility.

Driftwood standing
sculptures are also
available in
natural beige.
Large 8 ft driftwood wall art to hang vertically
or horizontally. 2200.00 Retail.
Natural gray driftwood sculpture, 7.5 ft tall, 2100.00.
Driftwood ocean sculpture,
2.5 feet tall. 550.00 retail.
Sculpture named
driftwood gallery.
A gulf island driftwood sculpture, 28" x 28"
Natural beige driftwood sculpture, 18" x 18"
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24" x 18" x 8" sculpture, 500.00
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Carol Woodland:
Signature piece in driftwood art, 3 ft.
Natural beige
driftwood wall
art, at right  
Retail, 1850.00.
The driftwood gallery is here! Driftwood wall art,
a treasure from N. American tropical states, are
Zen Sculpture
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Driftwood shelf
art, 6 ft x 2ft,
weighs 70
Price, 1600.00
Driftwood designs fireplace mantel
color or
white wash.